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Eager participants on the Club's
first trip to Tasmania. 1952 or 1953.

Standing: Rus Warren, Tony Carroll, John Vanderfeen, Pat
Vanderfeen, Paul Legge-Wilkinson, Pat O'Brien, Lou Howard, Joe McDonough, Joe Cotter, Nancy Brown, Tony Brown.
Squatting: Geoff Fielden, Harry Nottley
George O'Brien and John Nuttman.

John Ledwich and Marie Burton.

Piero Pagliaro, Fred Hillas,
"Bushy" Bill Rishworth and Bernie Jordan.

Cornucopia Museum, North Tynong. c.1955
Margot Carroll.

Cornucopia Museum, North Tynong. c.1955
Fred Hillas, Margot Carroll,
Jim McShane, Des Carroll.

Jan Hawe, Hilda Bowen,
Nan Murphy and Margot Carroll. 1955.

Mark Thompson, Terry O'Brien
and Julian Conheady.

Jill Ford, Carmel Hocking,
Rita McCarthy, Lois Shine,
Adrian Buykx and Brendan
Hillas on a Christmas trip.

John Hogan, Tom Buykx
and Ron McDermid at
Windermere Hut, Tasmania.

Looking towards
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Kevin Dwyer, Peter Wilson,
Marrianne Raymond, Alex Farkas,
Madge Martin, Terry Lynch,
Mary Conheady on Mt. Cole.

A trip to the Cathedrals in the mid 70's with Herb Varady, Brendan Freeman,
Mary Conheady, Greg Hawe,
Brian Twining, Rosemary Sinclair,
Brad Sinclair, Laurie Pagliaro and others.

Alligator games in the Murray.
Cobram, February 1977.

Bringing back memories with the old van, Fernshaw, March 1983.
The removalist van with seats added just for the weekend
was the standard form of transport years ago.

Camping just south of Falls Creek.
A Cup weekend bikeride from
Bairnsdale to Wodonga. 1989.

Getting ready to ski out to
Roper's Hut for the weekend.

Digging down to the door of
Roper's Hut so we can camp the night.

A lazy weekend on the Murray.
January 1995.